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Full - Service Solutions Provider

For the past 25 years we continue to offer a complete end to end logistics and transportation solution across all verticals. Our specialty is the expedited delivery of time sensitive critical material and the correct handling and delivery of high valued product. Our attention to detail, open, honest communication, and a passion to get the job done sets us apart!



We're a team of skilled innovators dedicated to delivering quality and professionalism in client-centered solutions. Our transparent and collaborative approach ensures we exceed your expectations. Trust us to bring your vision to life.



Our Management team boasts over 150 years of collective experience in the delivery and logistics industry. Since 1998, we have provided a superior customer experience to all our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure products get delivered in a timely, safe and professional manner.



We find the best. Our recruitment process is diligent and extensive. Each candidate is enrolled in extensive in-class and on-the-road practical training. Quarterly background checks and drug testing are mandatory for all staff. We set the bar high!



Prime Time-Nushy Habib
Message From Our Founder & CEO

We Get it Done, No Matter What!

The Prime Time Experience.

Our team of innovators seeks to provide the highest quality and professionalism. We construct value-added solutions based on our clients’ unique needs. Moreover, we guarantee open and honest lines of communication and work collaboratively with our clients to get the job done!

Our clients rely on us to be an extension of their brand and we take this very seriously. We understand the level of trust and confidence required when choosing service partners. We are constantly striving to become better, faster and more efficient.

Founder & CEO


What Our Clients Have to Say

Prime Time-Trillium Health Partners

Prime Time plans & supports the transportation and logistics of organ and tissue donation and transplantation across the province by supporting the recovery of organs & tissue and delivery to transplant programs. We understand the highly sensitive and time-critical nature of these shipments and are equipped with the expertise, knowledge and resources to accommodate them.

Trillium Health Partners
Prime Time-Wolseley Canada

Our relationship with Prime Time extends over 15 years now. They have been delivering our parts for a mutual client of ours and have done a fantastic job. They trained all of our staff on their online order-taking software before implementation. They have always been very professional with us & our clients and we are now using them to deliver our freight to many of our own branches as well.

Wolseley Canada
Prime Time-Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

We have been using Prime Time as our primary agent in Canada for the past 10 years. They handle all of our critical shipments originating or terminating in Canada. They truly have been amazing. They are always ready to help no matter what time it is. They primarily move AOG parts & human organs. Their speed, attention to detail and availability have made our Canadian operations stand out. They have now become one of our largest agents in the world. Thank you Prime Time!!!

Sterling Global Aviation Logistics
Prime Time-Starseed

We utilize the services of Prime Time Messenger Inc for the same day delivery of our medicinal cannabis. We were extremely excited when Prime Time offered same day service for our product, this was truly revolutionary!!! Implementation was seamless & they set up our account and started the process immediately. They also text our clients with an ETA which no one else agreed to do.

Prime Time-Nike Canada

We have been using Prime Time for over 7 years now. They have taken over the warehousing and receiving at our Distribution Centre as well as shunting trailers. They ship our goods to all stores in Ontario and provide reverse logistics as well. Their staff and drivers are always ready to help and go the extra mile. In the stores they assist our staff in putting our product away to keep the retail space clear. They have been a great asset to us and we appreciate their dedication and hard work. Thank you Prime Time!

Nike Canada
Prime Time-Enercare

Prime Time Messenger Inc, has been delivering our builder water tanks to the basements of new homes in subdivisions across Ontario for 10+ years. They continue to impress us with their level of accuracy and communication. Damages are virtually non-existent and our reputation with the builders is excellent because of Prime Time’s commitment to us. Prime Time always adheres to each site’s specific safety requirements and they are indeed one of the leader’s in the HVAC industry.

Prime Time-Don Park

Prime Time Messenger Inc has been delivering our product for 15+ years now. They are a very professional company with an excellent fleet of drivers and equipment. All of their drivers are uniformed and their professionalism when dealing with our clients is very impressive. In addition to doing our deliveries during the day, they also replenish our branches across Ontario at night. They have full access to our premises after-hours and they complete their job in a timely and efficient manner.

Don Park

We’re constantly refining our product. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.