HVAC Installation

We are the industry leader in the white glove delivery of water tanks, air-conditioners and furnaces direct to the consumer.

We provide complete logistic and delivery solution from initial pick-up, warehousing and inventory, to delivery into the home.

We handle over 250,000 units a year and our inventory accuracy is over 99.6% and damages are under 1%.

We can either house the product in one of our facilities or we can offer you a Facilties Management Option where we provide the staff and equipment to run your warehouse facility.

We visually check each shipment for damage before receiving and use a combination of clamp truck, and dollies (manual) to off load. Extreme care is taken to ensure no damages occur. We conduct inventory circle counts weekly and provide you with an update inventory count. We will also arrange appointment deliveries on your behalf so the entire process is seamless on your side.


Receipt, Handling, Staging and Storage

We have been responsible for every aspect of the logistics process from storage, receiving, inspection, inventory, staging and delivery. Our success thus far has been attributed to our quality control processes. Every single unit received is inspected thoroughly prior to entering the facility. Prime Time Messenger used its logistics knowledge to set up warehouses at the onset of each distribution centre. The equipment is stocked based on locations that are directly applicable in within your database. The equipment is stored based on its characteristics, density and volume.


Each product is counted, labeled and scanned (if applicable), manifested, finalized and then put away to its location. We try at best to facilitate the first in first out process. Units are offloaded by clamp truck, fork truck, or by hand, to a staging area. Receiving straight from the truck to a location does not happen due to quality checks so a double handling will always occur.

Quality Assurance

Over the past several years Prime Time Messenger has encounter numerous supplier damages prior to the product being received within the HVAC industry. The level of product knowledge, awareness and attention to detail at this point of the supply chain is critical. To date Prime Time Messenger and its existing customers have suffered no financial setback from this and more importantly, no customers were negatively affected! A cycle count process can occur whenever you dictate it.

Since our inception, we have had a perfect water heater count with an existing client and a 98% rating for HVAC cycle counts.

Staging of Orders

This functionality is critical, as it needs to be oriented with knowledge and attention. Prime Time Messenger strongly believes there cannot be a separation between the distribution centre company and the delivery company. The marriage of these two into one outsourced vendor is paramount for the HVAC operation to run successfully. If the units are picked and staged by a separate company, then re-inspections have to happen every morning causing delivery delays. Response time for delivery issues, incorrect addresses, no one on site, etc, will take longer due to this separation. Rapport with the customers, builders and contractors will not be as strong because there will not be one point of contact for all issues.

Order Processing and Communication

This aspect of the business is really under valued and ties in all of the operations that make the entire process run smoothly. Communication from all levels and departments can happen 7 days a week, up to 12 hours a day. This creates minimal downtime for all aspects of operations as we know it today because Prime Time Messenger is running the reports, communicating to clerks, supervisors, managers, directors, builders, installers, field staff, etc about opportunities that happened each and every day. This element of communication goes unnoticed and a monetary value can’t be put on it.